Who is EllyB Marketing?

You have a story. It’s where you find your PASSION, it’s your BIG why, & it’s what motivates you & drives your business. We get excited when YOU get excited about sharing & using your story to impact the world & change lives. We love teaming with equally passionate people who have a desire to make a positive difference in this world. In a sentence, we internalize your WHY to paint an incredible picture that perfectly tells your story & depicts WHO you are, WHAT you are all about, WHAT motivates & drives you, WHY you’re in the game, and how YOU can BEST change lives for a better tomorrow!

EllyB Marketing is a virtual assistance, consulting and marketing company directed primarily to assisting passionate fitness professionals with their online presence.

Fitness Professionals are busy. You work long and HARD hours fueled 100% by the fire in your belly to change lives. We get it! You have a desire to grow your business, get in front of more peeps & touch more lives; but you get so busy working IN your business, you find it hard to make time to work ON your business. We want to help you! We will team WITH you, make your passion our passion, &, together, improve your branding, enhance your online presence &, ultimately, grow your reach.

With over 12 years of marketing experience, we provide expert services in:
• Social Media Marketing
• Branding
• Copy Writing, Editing & Formatting
• Graphic Design
• Video Editing
• Blogging
• Website Upkeep
• Online Business Management
• Contact Management System Management (grow your list & systematically touch it)

The online world can be a monster & being overwhelmed has a way of freezing you in your tracks. You’re not alone in that! We will simplify your strategy, streamline your message, & share your story & passion with your ideal client who needs your help. You’re incredible at changing lives & helping people in their health & fitness journeys; let us utilize our talents to help you get in front of the people who need YOUR message & help the most.

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