We are in the PEOPLE business!

Last week we packed our bags, flew clear across the country, and hit the streets of Baltimore. You see, I’m a southern girl. Born and raised in Texas. And so EllyB Marketing is based out of SouthEast Texas (in a very small town I’m not even going to mention because I can assure you, you’ve never heard of it). However, with that said, that’s the beauty of having an online business; it’s been a HUGE blessing because after nearly 14 years of working in an office and/or gym, I can now literally work from anywhere and have clients all over the world.

There is one small problem with this, though. I feel that, more than anything, people are losing that personal touch. I hate when I call customer service and I get automated recording after automated recording. I just want to talk to someone! The fitness business is actually a RELATIONSHIP business. Whether you see it or believe it or not, we are in the PEOPLE business. It’s about building relationships and using your talents and skills to make someone’s day and LIFE better!

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, totally gets it. He made the mission of the company, “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” I LOVE this mission statement! It shows that his company understands that everything they do is about that ONE person and making them feel as unique and as special as the cup of coffee they order. Starbucks is in the PEOPLE business.. not the coffee business. Just like you and me are not in the fitness business, we’re in the PEOPLE business.

So last week I made plans to fly to Baltimore to meet with a client. (Without going too much into it, a 1-day work trip turned into a 5-day mom/daughter trip that was full of adventure and fun.. and yes, a little work too! :))

I have to tell you, I was extremely surprised when not just one, but several people asked me why I needed to fly to Baltimore for a simple 2-hour meeting. I was surprised they were surprised! But then I had a thought; people are losing that PERSONAL touch so of course it made sense that they didn’t understand why I needed the face-to-face time. Sure, I could sit back and run his marketing all day long simply from what he’s told me on the phone and on our live FaceTime meetings; but without seeing what he does and HOW he does it FIRST HAND, it may become more generic and “seen it before” rather than personal and unique to his own branding. How much better would I be able to do my job if I actually got to see him in action, see his city, got to see, first-hand, where he worked, how he interacted with clients, how his clients interacted with him, heard his story straight from him mouth, and saw the passion in his face straight from his heart as he was doing his thing? All of this is BRANDING, and experiencing it for myself allows me the incredible opportunity to be a better representation of his branding as I run his marketing, increase his reach, and improve his online presence. It makes me a member on his team and not just the hired help. Win-Win!!

Untitled design
EllyB Marketing in Baltimore, MD

This is my passion. teaming with equally passionate fit pros and telling your incredible stories to impact the world. And if I live it, breathe it, make your passions my passion, believe and internalize your story, and truly feel your drive, passion and purpose is something I can stand behind, I’m going to be able to paint a beautiful picture that best represents you and your brand.

I love teaming with unique, passionate individuate who also have a desire to change the world. In a world of negativity, darkness, obesity, depression, anxiety….. the list goes on and on.. I’m going to do my part to spread the light, joy, passion and purpose to make a positive impact in the world for a better tomorrow. Whether you believe it or not, I whole-heartedly believe you have a story to tell that people NEED to hear to make a positive influence in the world. I’m going to do my part. Will you join me?

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