We need to lift each other up!

So I’m having a deja vu kind of week. I’ve literally heard the exact same message three different times from three different people, all within about 36 hours. I, personally, don’t believe in coincidences and I’m taking it as a sign that I need to share..

So I just walked out of church feeling completely inspired and I had to run home and put pen to paper.. or, I guess, fingers to keyboard. Tonight the Pastor (my Dad), was talking about how we can receive encouragement all day long but ONE simple word of discouragement from the enemy can completely drop a bomb in our brain and totally wreck our belief in ourselves and our capabilities. I love that analogy, “a bomb in the brain.” Because that is exactly what happens. Regardless of what you were doing or what you were thinking about prior to the negative experience, as soon as the negative bomb goes off, it completely consumes every thought in your head and overwhelms you with stress, doubt and fear. Why do we let negativity take control and have this affect in our lives?

The first time I heard this message this week was when I was talking to a client just yesterday; he has an unbelievable story and we’ve been working really hard on his branding for a new business he’s starting to broadcast his message to the masses and inspire the world. We’ve been making a lot of great strides and progress and his spirits and energy have been through the roof.

Then yesterday happened.

He was working with a client he’s known for years and he made the comment that, “no one cares about your story.” WHAT!?!? Why would someone think that, much less let the words leave their lips?

My heart sank into my stomach as I knew it completely wrecked his day and consumed his thoughts. Why do people feel the need to kill someone’s spirits like this? When a person is down, why do they feel the need to bring others down with them? We have no idea what was going on with that person, what kind of day he was having or why he felt the need to say something so hurtful; all we can do is realize he obviously has something negative going on within him and that’s for him to deal with and we can’t take it personally. Easier said than done, I know.

So the second time I heard this message was last night while I was reading. In my devotional it said that the enemy whispers negative words that give us doubts about our faith in ourselves and our ability to accomplish what we know we’re meant to do.

Negativity breeds negativity.

So my challenge to you is to ENCOURAGE others. The world has enough darkness and negativity; what we need more of are positive rays of hope, encouragement and inspiration! We NEED to lift each other up and stop trying to tear others down. When someone does you wrong, instead of paying disrespect with disrespect, remember you have no idea what they’ve been through or what kind of day they just had. Pay negativity with a smile and a word of encouragement. Or, if that just seems way too hard or even impossible, simply smile and walk away. It will help you better deal with the stress and hurt, it will shorten the period of time you dwell on the negativity, and you may even inspire the other person to do better next time.

I see so many people, especially fit pros, creating beautiful sayings and quote pics on their social media. I think that’s really awesome and a GREAT way to use social media. The world needs more inspiration! GENUINE inspiration. What the world really needs is not just words, but more people actually walking the talk.

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