Lessons Learned From a 2-Year Old

So I’m a total family girl. I recently made the move from San Diego back to Texas for no other reason than I wanted to be closer to family. This allows me not only Sunday lunches with the entire family, but also the awesome opportunity to watch my nearly 2-year old niece a few times a week so my sister can hit the gym. It’s a total win-win!

In spending more and more time with my niece, I’m learning there’s really something to her simplicity of life. That somehow, life’s simplest lessons (with the biggest impact) have a way of escaping us as we age. One thing my sister has been working with my niece on are her manners. When she asks for anything, my sister always answers back, “What do you say?” And immediately, my niece has learned to respond, “‘pease’ momma,” with a wrinkled nose and a smile so big she squints her happy little eyes. It’s pretty cute!

So me, being the marketer that I am, relate this to my life in the professional world. I question whether we as individuals, companies, executives, entrepreneurs, etc., properly use our manners, not just personally but professionally as well?

Seriously! Think about it. When was the last time you said, “please,” or, “thank you?” Ok, I’ll take it a step farther.. when was the last time you opened the door for a client coming in the building, or stood up from behind your desk when a client, potential client or even employee or employer walked into the room? Not only is it a common courtesy, but it’s also a representation of you, an example of your customer service, and a part of your, yep, you got it.. BRAND!

People work with people they like working with.
People do business with people they LIKE and respect!

I’ll say it again.

People WORK WITH people they LIKE!

You may have the highest priced product in your industry in your area. But if people like you, respect you, and like doing business with you because you’re kind and make their day just a little easier with your customer service skills (aka.. you MIND YOUR MANNERS), they will know the VALUE is there and they will do business with you. I promise! Why do you think Nordstroms, the Ritz Carlton and Harley Davidson (all prestigious companies with high end products), all have a HUGE following who will NOT purchase or stay anywhere else? Because they mind their manners and offer EXTRA-ordinary customer service. Harley Davidson is such a respected brand, people actually get Harley Davidson tattooed on their bodies! #BrandingGoals

I’m telling you, it’s the little things that go the longest way. A firm handshake. A genuine smile that makes your eyes sparkle. Standing up when someone walks in your door. Escorting someone to where they need to go instead of simply pointing in the direction. Remembering a person’s name even though maybe you haven’t seen them in a while.  It all speaks. It all makes people feel appreciated. And it all makes people want to do business with you.

So give it a try. Get out of your comfort zone and your “norm,” step up your manners game, and learn a lesson from my 2-year old niece. It will speak volumes about you and your customer experience, and you will have raving fans for a lifetime.

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