Don’t compare your day 2 to someone’s day 2,026

We’ve all had that day. Things are going great. You woke up on the right side of the bed. You stopped by your favorite cafe’ and YES!! No line. You take a seat to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, take out your phone, open Facebook and BAM!!! There goes your joy. 😦


What once was a huge smile on your face is replaced with an expression that’s nearing just plain ugly because “so-in-so” just announced a new sponsorship they captured. Or nailed an inversion you’ve been working on for WEEKS. Or just opened their brand new brick and mortar.

Don’t lie. And I put myself in this same category when I say WE have all been there!

Why do we do this?

What we don’t realize, most the time, is that we’re comparing our day 2 or day 73 with someone else’s day 2,026.. or even if we’re comparing apples to apples, and you both just so happen to be on day 227 in your individual journeys, where you’ve been and where you’re heading, are in 2 completely different stratospheres. It’s like comparing a Red Delicious Apple to a Green Granny Smith.

You were created to live, INSPIRE, and change the world with YOUR unique, personal, and incredible story. Be excited about who you are, how far you’ve come, and where you’re heading. God has a perfect plan for you and has a journey that’s beautifully and uniquely your own.

TRUST the process.
Work HARD for the things you want most.
Realize you’re INSPIRING the world with your story.
And CELEBRATE your day, your victories, your journey.. wherever your path may lead.

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