Sing Your Song .. Dance Your Dance

Tonight in church my dad (the Pastor) asked the congregation, “What does the song you’re singing and the dance you’re dancing say about you?” He of course meant it in metaphorical terms (thank GOD because NOONE wants to hear me sing, just ask my sister… :-/), and what he was really asking was, what does the way we live our life say about us and our walk? This doesn’t only apply to your spiritual walk but to your personal and professional lives as well.

Let me explain.

Are you a lighthouse shining bright to bring positivity into the world?
Are you a negative Nancy bringing down everyone around you?
Are you an encourager lifting everyone up around you?
Do you view a failure as an opportunity to grow?
Do you fail and wish failure on everyone?
Do you volunteer and have a heart for those in need?
Do you handle stress well or do you let it overwhelm you?
Can you handle a hard situation with a smile on your face and a genuine desire to listen and not just hear?

I know this seems like a life lesson, but this is a BRANDING lesson just the same. It honestly all goes hand-in-hand.

Just as you have a personality, so should your business. It should have a face, a personality, an energy, and a life all its own. And if you’re that face, people will be watching you in your day to day walk to see how you handle yourself in various situations.


Do you get angry?
Are you sweet?
Are you thoughtful?
Are you caring?
Are you genuine?
Do you smile for no reason?
Do you have a glow about you?
Do you have more frown lines than smile lines?
Do you have more smile lines than frown lines?
Are you tense?
Are you nervous all the time?
Do you get excited about the little things?
Do you sing or hum for no other reason than you’re just happy?
Do you go above and beyond for people?

What are your answers to these questions? Really?
Let me ask you this.. what would the answers to these questions be from the people who are around you all day?


Who you are, how you react to situations, how you handle situations (good and bad), and how you carry yourself all speaks. They’re all a dance. It’s a song you’re singing whether you realize it or not. It’s a part of who you are and the brand you’re creating for you and your business.

So the next time you go to “sing a song” or “dance a dance,” just remember it all speaks and everything you do is a representation of you, your brand and your life.

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