The World Needs Fewer Robots & More Authenticity

In this whole online “game” we get stuck in the constant battle of comparison, competition and highs and lows directly correlating with the result we got from an action taken.

If I do x = I will get y result

And if x doesn’t = y, our head spins and the rest of our day is completely “ruined.”

Are you still with me? If that seems confusing, let me ask you a few questions and hopefully we’ll get back on the same page…

Do you feel a “high” when you get a new follower on your social media platform?
Do you get excited when you have 37 likes in about 3 seconds of posting on Instagram?
Do you have a sense of depression if you get 3 likes in 3 hours of posting?
Do you constantly compare how many followers, likes and shares you have compared to someone else in your same industry?
Do you scroll through pages and pages of posts trying to think of what to post next; getting ideas from other as oppose to listening to your own heart and trusting your instinct?
Do you ask for follows in order to dish out follows?
Do you ask for shoutouts from companies, people and brands who have no idea who you are, what you’re about, and what core values you stand on?
Do you, in return, give love to companies, people and brands who YOU know nothing about?

Don’t lie. 😉

We’re stuck in this “I’ll give you something if you give me something” roller coaster that, quite honestly, has got to come to a halt.

What happened to authenticity?

What happened to saying a comment to someone not because you want something in return, but because that is genuinely how you think and feel?

Social media was created to establish an online community.

Community means having a group of people with similar interests, goals and beliefs. I personally want to build a community around my brand who are specific to my niche and have common goals, values, interests and belief systems.

Everything is so strategic nowadays.. everything is so robotic. It’s planned. It’s calculated.

I will comment on 10 people’s posts today with a simple yellow heart emoji.
And in return, I will get 7 new followers from said action. Check!

I want authenticity. I want community. I want genuine engagement.
And that is what you can expect from me.

I want to build my brand on a solid foundation of passion, care, integrity and being genuine. If someone speaks well of my company and my brand, I want it to be because that is honestly how they feel, not because I promised them something in return (although I may send them a Starbucks card after the fact ;)).

We as a culture have got to stop this calculated engagement and get back to being genuine to ourselves and our brands. We need to stop comparing what we’re doing to what others are doing and simply be ourselves, make sure what we’re putting out is of value, and genuinely look for ways to lift others up and inspire.

If we put the same amount of energy into being our personal best and always delivering content of value as we did looking to see what everyone else is doing comparing, calculating, and planning our next move, this world would be a much better place.

My challenge to you in writing this post is simply that you be you.

Be authentic. Be real. Be genuine.

EllyB Marketing - You Be You

Stop comparing, competing and bargaining for deals. You have unique gifts, talents, skills and a story that is all your own. Let that be the foundation and the backbone of your brand. There is a place for YOU in this world and there is a community of people who need you and your story to inspire, be a ray of hope, and a platform for encouragement.

We’re all different and it’s in our differences that beauty is found. Trust your instincts, speak from your heart, and believe in yourself and you will create a brand that is uniquely your own and special. We need more individuals and fewer copy cats. We need fewer robots and more authenticity.

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