There is No One Alive More “Youer Than You”

EllyB Marketing Blog | Featured Picture - Today you are you quote by Dr. Seuss

I love that.. “there is no one alive more Youer than You.” So my challenge to you is to hunker down, dig deep, be courageous & simply.. be.. YOU!

Be who you were meant to be & not who the world is trying to shape you into being. People may judge, they may laugh, they may question.. people may hate, they may not understand, they may think you’re crazy…

& that’s ok. 

One of my favorite quotes is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

This is so true.

In any industry, society, community, there is an expectation.. an unsaid (or maybe even loudly voiced..) “correct” way to do or not to do something. I say be you.

Stop comparing.
Stop shying away from an attempt because of what others may think.
Stop being scared of trying because you’re afraid to publicly fail.

You’re living your life, being true to yourself & not being conformed to the “norm” & what’s expected. Don’t let others’ limiting beliefs dictate what you can & can’t do.. what you will & won’t try.

If you want to run 100 miles, run 100 miles.
If you want to open your own gym, open your own gym.
If you want to take a year off, travel & bring health & happiness to the world by doing missionary work, then do that!

The key is to do what is going to light your soul on fire. To wake up every morning excited to take on the day and pleased every night knowing you tried your best and were true to yourself.

It’s your path.
It’s your journey.
It’s YOUR story.

& that’s a personal & beautiful thing only you can find & create for yourself. The world needs to hear your story & be inspired by your passion. Are you fully living the life you were meant to live? Or are you settling for less because you’re scared or intimidated?

Think about it.

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