BE Patient. Trust the process!

This is something I’m always telling my clients.. Be patient. Take it day by day; one step at a time. & TRUST THE PROCESS.

As fit pros, especially, you know there is no such thing as an overnight success. You have to do what you can, where you are, with what you got. Trusting that day by day you are growing closer to your ultimate goal.

it takes years to be an overnight success

Not only is this true in the health & fitness world, it sings true in life in general. I want to encourage you not to stress about not seeing results instantaneously; I want to encourage you to trust your truth, trust your journey, trust your vision, do your absolute best every single day (not beating yourself up if you slip up a day or 2), & know that you’re doing what it takes to reach your ultimate goals. Day by day; one step at a time.

This is something I’m constantly reminding myself of too so breathe easy knowing you’re not alone in wanting instantaneous success. Patience has never been my strong suit &, being aware of that, it’s something I work on every single day; remind myself of every single day.

When I made the decision to move back to Texas, the old me would have just jumped in the car, moved and THEN made a plan (like when I moved to Dallas & when I made the move to Cali). But this go-round I put in a 100 day notice (yep!! 100 days!), made a plan, followed the plan & TRUSTED the plan. It wasn’t easy for me.. it’s like a 100 day countdown to that vacation you’ve always wanted to take. I wanted it NOW! But I made the decision to plan it out, do right by my boss who I tremendously respected (love you T — Todd Durkin), & trust the process. It’s because of my patience I was able to make the move with a lot less stress, a little more money, & a way more clearer vision for my future.

You simply have to trust!

Trust yourself.
Trust your gut.
Put trust in being patient.
& trust the process.

trust the process

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