BE Excellent (WOW)

Today’s #WOW is EXCELLENT because I want to encourage you to be excellent in all that you do. I think often we get stuck in checklist mode just from simply being too busy, too distracted, stressed, anxious.. & all we care about is checking that “to-do” item off the list.

First, you gotta slow down!

Second, if you’re going to do something, do it well! Make it truly world class & do it to the absolute best of your ability. Everything you do you should be more than happy to put your stamp of approval on realizing literally everything you do is a representation of you & your brand.

I was reading last night & it was talking about being excellent & it made 2 points that stuck with me.

  1. Excellence doesn’t mean perfection; it means doing all you can with all you have at that moment; &
  2. Living in excellence sometimes means having a short memory & a clear direction; meaning you have to let the mistakes & failures of yesterday go, continue staying focused on your goals & true to your mission, goals & purpose.

Friends, let’s all be EXCELLENT in all that we do today. #IWill

Excellence is not perfection; rather, it's a way of movement

I want to take it a step further & talk about your standard for excellence.

Are you.. your dreams, your goals, your passion, purpose & the difference you want to make in the world.. is that where you hold your standard for excellence… or do you get lost in comparing yourself to others & get comfortable, lazy even, & not always hold yourself to your truest standards?


A lot of times when we compare ourselves to others it can deflate our ambition because there are those always doing incredible things (& there always will be).. on the flip side, however, when you compare yourself to someone who doesn’t push themselves & does get lazy, it’s easy to also get lazy & not be 100% in every moment.

Don’t get comfortable there!! That’s a dangerous place to be!

Don’t compare yourself to others; rather, hold yourself accountable to your best in every single situation.

“We make people our standard. Are you moving forward? Are you progressing? Are you investing in the moment rather than being bound by yesterday or worrying about tomorrow? Excellence means going to the next level. It shows up in little ways more than it being done in big ways. It is a pattern. It is a lifestyle.” –Tony Evans

#BEyou #BEinspiring

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