Consistency & a Plan Create Loyal Followers & Trust

Here is a little something (usually the very first conversation) I chat about with every single client I have. What is your marketing PLAN? Do you have a content calendar?

You may not think planning out your posts & content is necessary & what’s most important is simply that you’re posting & sharing, but there’s only an ounce of truth in that statement. Hear me out..

Yes, it is imperative that you at least post something. Almost anything (almost..) is better than nothing. But posting randomly with no direction or consistent branding will guarantee to get you lost in the crowd.

Do you want to stand out?
Do you want to take your marketing, branding & game to the next level?
Do you want to build an online community of loyal followers who turn into clients?
Do you want to reduce your stress?

There is one simple solution..
Following (consistently) a plan.. a content calendar.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard this before but I want to talk about the WHY it’s important & what it can do for you & your business for a second.

Having a content calendar and a plan for your marketing game does 4 things:

  1.  it removes the stress of having to think up what you’re posting each day; whether it’s a blog post, picture collage, video tip, whatever it may be.. it’s all a part of the plan;
  2.  it allows you to plan ahead of time allowing you to knock weeks or even months of content out ahead of time alleviating the stress of the day-to-day random posts;
  3.  it creates a plan so you can consistently speak to your specific market & always make sure you’re inspiring, educating & entertaining your specific audience; doing this allows you to be purposeful in your content and clear in your message positioning you as an EXPERT; &
  4.  it creates a bond of trust with your ideal client; when you tell your audience what they can expect from you & then you follow up by delivering on that promise, it creates a loyal following who already knew you but now are beginning to trust you &, ultimately, want to do business with you.

If you don’t already have a content calendar, I highly suggest taking the time to sit, brainstorm & map one out. It reduces stress, makes you look more like a well-organized company/brand & not just a random, all-over-the-place, unorganized person figuring it out as you go, & it creates loyalty & trust (no one wants to do business with someone who’s unorganized and all over the place).

The number one thing I hear from clients after only a week or two of following a plan is how amazing it feels to have less stress just from knowing what to post day-to-day. You’re a business guy/gal.. maybe you own your own biz or maybe you work for someone else.. regardless, you’re in the work force. You have enough stress as it is.. create a marketing plan & eliminate some of that stress by simply following this one simple piece of advice.


Don't dream of success; create a plan and act upon it.

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