Lessons Learned From Our Founding Fathers

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope & trust everyone had a fun, festive & safe July 4th weekend full of quality time with family & friends!! 🙂 I know I did.. I went on a hiking trip in the hill country of Texas with my sisters & we had the best time! Happy to be back in the saddle again, though, & I don’t know about you.. but I’m ready to rock the week! 😎

I was thinking about July 4th & the true meaning behind the day &, in thinking about the word of the week (‪#‎WOW‬) there were a few words that came to mind.. passion.. bravery.. anxious.. nervous.. proud.. determined.. focus.. & PURPOSE!

I talk about having purpose all the time & I just feel it’s the appropriate word when talking about July 4th. Because when you have purpose & it’s backed by your passion, you’re unstoppable.

PURPOSE trumps fear.
PURPOSE gives you direction &, consequently, gives you focus.
PURPOSE adds fuel to the fire to get your butt in gear.
PURPOSE turns obstacles into stepping stones as oppose to brick walls.

Being fully in tuned to your purpose.. your WHY, helps you get out of bed with eager excitement to take on the day.
Knowing your purpose allows you to move beyond your fears & take risks needed to reach your goals.
Reminding yourself of your purpose in life allows you organic energy when you’re moving beyond that “standard” 40-hour work week & allows you to do what needs to be done to get where you want to go.
Internalizing your purpose allows you to change lives & leave a lasting impact on this world.

The founding fathers were obviously fueled by passion & purpose & because they didn’t let fear run their day, we’re allowed to live freely in this great country of ours. Because knowing your purpose & having faith can move mountains.

So today & everyday I want to encourage you to BE PURPOSEFUL!

efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction

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