Britney Elizondo_owner of EllyB MarketingHi!! My name is Britney Elizondo and I am the owner and founder of EllyB Marketing. I am a team of one (for now); I wear many hats and, quite honestly, I’ve always worn many hats and I love it. In every job, company, position I’ve ever encountered, regardless the industry, it’s always been within a small business and that’s where I truly thrive. I understand the corporate model and the necessity of the systems and structure put into place in order for a company of that magnitude to survive and work as a unit.

But that’s not what gets me excited.

I love and APPRECIATE the small businesses with their passion and heart fueling every action, decision and vision. I love when your team becomes your family and you learn to lean on each other and trust one another because you can. Because every single person knows and understands that when it is a small company, every single person MUST do their part, AND THEN SOME (thank you Todd Durkin), to get the job done. Because there is no, “that’s not my job” in a small company. It’s literally you or no one.

I was inspired to write this blog because I realized something. I was looking at my online presence and realized I’m doing exactly what I tell my clients not to do; which is hide behind a company name and a brand. People want to work with people. Not a company. Not an organization. And not a corporation. Even in business to business models, when you really think about it, it’s still people doing business with other people within another business. And people like working with people they 1. know, 2. like, and 3. trust.

So Step 1: KNOW

So here I am, coming out of hiding and doing what I should have done a few months back when I first got this shindig up and running. I’m introducing myself.

So my name is Britney, or Brit, or B (the B in EllyB), and I’m a small town girl from SouthEast Texas who has country roots and a city girl drive working at a city girl pace. If you want to read my entire “resume,” you can always check out my profile on LinkedIn but just know that’s not who I am, that’s just what I do or have done. What I do is marketing and branding. I am not corporate, but I am professional. I have heart and drive and can totally geek out talking about branding, culture and customer service. If you asked my clients, friends and family the one word they would use to describe me, I know it would be passionate. Because I am.

I am a family girl and I am extremely passionate about my family. They are my everything and family and God will always come first. In fact, I left beautiful San Diego after nearly 5 years because I simply knew it was time to move back home. Small town gal made city girl returns to small town (yes, my life is a Hallmark movie.. or at least the last year or so was). My family has taught me invaluable life and business lessons in hard work, determination, selflessness, living with passion and a positive attitude, adventure, love, leadership, leading by example, to be caring and kind, humility, and regardless of where life takes you to always bring the big kid inside you along. I’m always a work in progress, but I can honestly say I have the best role models leading by example in my every day life. Jim Rohn said that you are the “average of the 5 people you spend the most time with,” and I do my best to spend as much time with my family as I can.

I am passionate about making a difference in the world. My number one goal for as long as I can remember is when I’m on my death bed and I look back at my life, I want to feel like I had a hand, even a small one, in making a real difference. I’m passionate about inspiring people to adjust their way of thinking, mindset and attitude to create a better day for themselves and others. I’m passionate about being a light in the world where there is so much darkness and negativity. I’m passionate about encouraging others to be true to themselves and trust their heart, soul, mind and instincts.. to follow their passion and live a life full of purpose.

I am passionate about adventure. I love being outside in nature, in the mountains, in the woods, on the trails, on the beach, on the water.. all of it. For me, when I’m in nature, that is when I truly come alive. I feel more awake, alive, refreshed, and it just warms my soul. I love traveling to new places, experiencing new things and different cultures, and getting out of my bubble. I recently wrote a microblog about “get comfortable being uncomfortable;” meaning start pushing your limits, experiencing new things, trying something new and exciting, and not being afraid to dream big and chase those big dreams. The world is a wonderfully big place and not only do you learn so much about others when you travel, you learn so much more about yourself. You see things in a new light, your ideas, dreams, aspirations and creative thoughts become bigger than life, and you’re allowed the rare opportunity to learn and grow more than you ever thought possible.

I am passionate about culture and customer service. I honestly love customer service and I get giddy excited when I have an excellent customer service experience (and, on the flip side, I get totally heart broken when someone just completely blows it.. it takes everything in me not to give them a customer service 101 overview). Whether it’s because the company has world-class culture and has instilled customer service awareness and values into that employee, or it was just that particular person with an incredibly winning attitude who knows the difference they can make in someone’s day just by being nice and handling the situation with grace, I’ll take it. I love it! And kudos to that company and to that person.

I wish more people were more aware that something as simple as a smile that was unexpected can make the most profound impact in someone’s day or even life. I’m not going to go on a tangent.. because I honestly could.. but give it a shot. Smile at someone random tomorrow and see how the person reacts. See how it affects you and your day. I bet smiling on purpose will lead to you smiling for no reason and the next thing you know your overall attitude and persona adjusts and your day is a WIN!

And I’m passionate about what I do. EllyB Marketing is, in fact, a marketing company. But it’s so hard for me to pigeon hole it into just that. “Marketing” is so expected, bland and boring, even.. and while it is what I do, I feel what I do is so much more. It’s really story telling! I LOVE people’s stories and when their face lights up when they’re telling their story. And I love when people want to use their story to grow their business, improve their brand, increase their reach, and make an impact in other people’s lives and world. When passion is at the root of a business, where you can go, what you can achieve, and how far you can reach becomes limitless. A drive fueled by pure, 100% passion is unlikely to die. And a drive fueled by passion is unstoppable. And to have a “job” where I get to absorb that passion and create a plan to tell that story and make an impact the world, is pretty cool if you ask me.  My background in Real Estate and the fitness industry gave me the experience; my family, mentors, incredible team leaders, and company owners gave me the knowledge; but my passion for branding and story telling fuels my drive.

I’ve been blessed with an unbelievable family, I’ve been honored to work within companies and world class brands who practice customer service at an extremely high level, and I’ve created EBM to share my knowledge and put a spin on typical, traditional marketing. I don’t want to create a product or service that can be replicated, duplicated and sold to the masses. What I do is very unique and special and personal. How I market one company is going to be different from the next company, and how I position a brand around one person is going to be different from the brand of another. Because everyone is unique. I believe everyone is special. And I believe everyone deserves to have their own story told in a way that uniquely represents their background, drive, focus, vision, mission and passion. Because your journey is very different from every other person in the world. And I believe that journey deserves to be celebrated and shared.

And that is EBM.

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